Misconceptions Surrounding Artificial Lawns

Misconceptions Surrounding Artificial Lawns

The decision on whether or not to “go green” with the addition of an artificial lawn in your garden or chosen environment is a big one and like the majority of big decisions, it is crucial to know your facts from fiction beforehand.

With this, there are many misconceptions surrounding artificial grass to be aware of before any such decision regarding your garden lawn is made.

Artificial Grass Misconceptions

Some of the most common misconceptions around artificial grass include:

Artificial grass doesn’t drain.”
The Perfect Lawn: Our artificial lawns are porous, with holes in the backing allowing free draining.   

– “Artificial grass fades.”
The Perfect Lawn: All of our artificial lawns are completely UV stable and do not fade.

– “Artificial grass is abrasive to the skin.”
The Perfect Lawn: Unlike AstroTurf of the past, our artificial lawns feature soft polyethylene fibres which will not graze skin, young or old. No longer having to scrub grass stains and muddy marks out of clothes is also worth noting!

– “Dogs are NOT allowed on artificial grass.”
The Perfect Lawn: Our artificial lawns are the perfect flooring solution for dogs amongst many other pets and animals, with urine simply draining away and solid waste being removed in the same way as with normal grass. You can say goodbye to those unsightly bare patches that are scattered across your garden lawn too!

– “Artificial grass is BAD for the environment.”
The Perfect Lawn: Our artificial lawns are all eco-friendly, with the use of pesticides and herbicides, grass trimmings and lawnmower emissions all eliminated.

Misconceptions aside, there are countless benefits of the artificial grass supplied by The Perfect Lawn, such as:

– Low Maintenance To ensure that your artificial lawn looks its stunning best, leaves and debris should be removed and it would benefit from occasional brushing with a stiff brush. Our artificial lawns can also be vacuumed but only when in dry conditions.

– Long-Lasting Our artificial lawns are all of the very highest quality and when utilised as a garden lawn, they will not wear and should last for twenty years at least.

– No Weeds Weeds become an issue of the past and will not grow through our artificial grass due to a protective membrane under the groundworks.

– Hay Fever Solution With the addition of our artificial lawn, grass pollen (one of the main causes of hay fever) is expelled from your garden.

– Versatile Flooring Solution Our artificial lawns are the ultimate flooring solution and can be utilised in a vast array of environments, from residential gardens to corporate events and from school playgrounds to football pitches.

The Perfect Lawn

We are suppliers of the UK’s finest natural artificial grass.

Our products offer a practical and valuable solution for a whole host of applications and can be installed with our professional installation service or by yourself with our simple DIY installation instructions.

Our artificial grass delivers an effective and desirable upgrade to its chosen environment and all of our grasses are guaranteed for seven years, providing confidence and peace of mind.

For any further information about our fantastic products and services or to book a quotation, contact us today.