Benefits of an artificial lawn

Benefits of an artificial lawn

With summer just around the corner, you might be filled with dread thinking about making your garden look perfect for (when the time comes), visitors and late evenings enjoying the warmth in your own backyard. When it comes to mowing, planting, strimming and preening, it can be a lot to get your lawn looking just right, not to mention the value that improved aesthetics of you garden can add to your home.

At The Perfect Lawn, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality modern astroturf and synthetic outdoor flooring that one article even describes some artificial lawns as “virtually indistinguishable from grass when viewed from any distance”. With the season of summer evenings about to begin, we thought we’d let you know some of the benefits of having an artificial lawn in your backyard.


In 2018, more people said they suffered from hay fever than almost any other health condition! The UK has extremely high numbers of people suffering from hay fever and struggling to enjoy the summer to its fullest, especially around grass. Having an artificial lawn implemented in your garden could take away a lot of the discomfort of hayfever for a lot of people. 


Remove the tedious maintenance of your garden and always be ready to host that perfect summer BBQ when the sun sporadically appears in the UK. Our artificial lawns are perfect for keeping your home looking pristine and welcoming during the summer months and is designed to stop your garden from becoming boggy in the rainy season and can be used for garden lawns, decking and dog runs. All of our Carpets are completely UV stable and do not fade so you can keep your grass looking fresh all year round.

Sports and Leisure

Although usually used for home landscaping, our artificial grass can be used for many different purposes. Another popular use is for sporting grounds whether at home or at a leisure centre! Perfect for Golf, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Bowls and Hockey grounds, you can ensure you have all-weather protection so you, or your customers, can enjoy partaking in sports all year round! 

As well as sports, you can weather-protect your pools to increase safety when relaxing poolside, or to give your swimming pool an outdoor effect. 

The Perfect Lawn

With years of experience, at The Perfect Lawn, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality and long-lasting artificial lawns for our customers. Whether you want to install it yourself, or you would like us to install it for you (follow the link here for more information: ), we can guarantee perfect results every time. Contact us today to learn more on 01926 817148 or by emailing on