The Perfect lawn team will arrive on the date and time allocated by the customer please make sure wheel barrow access is available.

Surface is prepared
The area is cleared, edges defined and any object or excess growth which will get in the way will be removed.

Soil/grass removed
Soil/grass is removed to a typical depth of up to 40mm which will host the space for the rest of the materials.

Earth compacted
The soil surface, if required, is then compacted into a more solid feel.

Borders and edges
Each job is different and assessed on the conditions. But we can either use wooden border edges or just fit the carpet straight to your edgings either decking or block pavers.

Stone Base
If required in poor draining areas we install 2-3 inches of type 1 hardcore, this allows an area that will disperse the water and stop flooding.

Weed Barrier
The Weed Barrier is installed to prevent any weed growing from under the soil are below.

Grit Sand
A Grit Sand layer is laid, compacted, screed levelled and floated over the Weed Barrier to provide a level and smooth surface for the next procedure.

Grass installed
Now the product you have chosen is ready to be installed which is laid, cut, glued and custom fitted to your garden/area.

Silica infill (if required)
After the surface is installed a layer of Silica sand is brushed in the pile directly to provide a stabilising effect on the surface and prevent it moving.

All excess materials and equipment are removed and cleared from the area including a check on the installation.

No, all our Carpets are completely UV stable and do not fade.

Yes, our grasses are guaranteed for Seven years.

Used as a lawn artificial grass will not wear out so you should get 20 years plus out of a top quality product.

To keep the grass looking at its best it will benefit from occasional brushing with a stiff brush. Leaves and debris should be removed.

Yes. For details of this service CLICK HERE.

Yes, anyone with basic DIY skills can follow our simple installation instructions to successfully lay a new lawn.

Yes, the grass is porous, holes in the backing allow free draining.

No, unlike old astro turf our Carpets have soft polyethylene fibres which will not graze young skin.

Yes children and pets are no problem for the carpet anything the dogs do can be collected and washed away.

No, weeds will not grow in or through the Carpet due to a protective membrane being used under the ground works.

A suitable base is essential and one of our heavier sand filled grasses. Tight turning should be avoided.

No those conditions will have no lasting effect on the surface.

Yes you can but only when in dry conditions.