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Common Questions

Q Does Artificial Lawn Fade?
A No, all our Carpets are completely UV stable and do not fade.

Q Is the Artificial grass guaranteed?
A Yes, our grasses are guaranteed for Seven years.

Q How long will Artificial Lawn last?
A Used as a lawn artificial grass will not wear out so you should get 20 years plus out of a top quality product.

Q Does Artificial Lawn require maintenance?
A To keep the grass looking at its best it will benefit from occasional brushing with a stiff brush. Leaves and debris should be removed.

Q Do you offer an installation service?
A Yes. For details of this service CLICK HERE.

Q Is Artificial Lawn an easy DIY installation?
A Yes, anyone with basic DIY skills can follow our simple installation instructions to successfully lay a new lawn.

Q Does Artificial Lawn allow water through?
A Yes, the grass is porous, holes in the backing allow free draining.

Q Is Artificial Lawn abrasive to skin?
A No, unlike old astro turf our Carpets have soft polyethylene fibres which will not graze young skin.

Q Is Artificial Lawn suitable for both children and dogs?
A Yes children and pets are no problem for the carpet anything the dogs do can be collected and washed away.

Q Will weeds grow through the Carpet?
A No, weeds will not grow in or through the Carpet due to a protective membrane being used under the ground works.

Q Is Artificial Lawn suitable for parking?
A A suitable base is essential and one of our heavier sand filled grasses. Tight turning should be avoided.

Q Will the frost and snow damage the Carpet?
A No those conditions will have no lasting effect on the surface.

Q Can I Vacuum the Carpet
A Yes you can but only when in dry conditions.

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